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BodyFulcrum ® is the patent pending innovative core, spine, low back, abs, hip strengthening, IT Band, rotator cuff body positioning device with the engineering to help support and decompress low back pain and improve flexibility. Our patent-pending BodyFulcrum™ also easily positions into an exercise system for hip, IT Band, and rotator cuff function, pain, rehab, and strengthening.

Core and Back

Position the BodyFulcrum ® under your lower ribs, above your waist, above your belly button, and begin to experience the comfortable support of our unique design. Allow the movements of our exercises to move your body and core in the most specific and intense responsive reaction that your body needs for much stronger abs during true athletic power movements. Basic setup click below.


The best knee to chest low back stretches ever with the BodyFulcrum ® placed under your lower hips and tailbone. Your hips are allowed to open, stretch, strengthen, and move into the positions needed by athletes and active people alike to help with pain and improve flexibility, especially stride length. Get out of the sitting position for good and use the BodyFulcrum.

” I am a recreational master’s single sculler. I Row nearly every day. This past season, pain and tightness prevented me from rowing at peak performance. I was trained in the “Body Fulcrum” on November 11th by Dr. Thomas Walko. Dr. Walko understood more about my limitations/issues in one hour than two orthopedic doctors I’ve seen this year. I have no doubt that body fulcrum is what is needed to improve my performance. I’ve been doing Dr. Walko’s core ab exercises, core hip flexor exercises,  low backstretch, and hamstring stretches for a few days and already feel a significant difference. I’m excited about next season. I am confident that I will have more length in my stroke, stronger catches, and more core connection. Please post my comments.” B. Nov. 2018

Patent Pending

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