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As an older mother of twins I highly value this exercise tool. I tried for years to safely build back my core. It was tricky due to a Diastasis Recti but this tool makes proper positioning a no brainer! It’s easy to achieve a safe body position even when the kids and cats are distracting me during morning exercising. My back feels stronger, I have had less problems carrying kids and heavy objects, and my shoulders and neck feel stronger, too. It has been a worthwhile investment in my health! It’s easy to store and cat-proof, too! Thank you, Dr. Walko!

Dr. Walko showed me several exercises to use for my low back pain. The BodyFulcrum really works for me to relieve strain and strengthen my low back. It is amazing. I leave it under coffee table, and bring it out daily. Easy to use, highly recommended! Thank you Dr. Walko!

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