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2-inch BodyFulcrum® Extra Firm and Taller White

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Brand: BodyFulcrum® by Bycore®

BodyFulcrum® 2 inch White Extra Firm with Extra Height. This is twice as firm as the green colored model. Best for self massage to stubborn gluts and recommended for those people who are tall or those who need support to their existing extreme arching lumbar curve. Whose abs, core, hips, and low back pain may require extra fulcrum height. Elite athletes, people with height of 6' or more; flexible backward bending. Those who have thicker lower body/thighs such as skiers, rowers, hockey and football players, weight lifters, gymnasts, figure skaters, swimmers, ballet dancers. This 2" base may work better if you have already used the 1" Premium size and you have improved back flexibility or could not feel your abs and core engage. Do not start with the 2" height if you do not meet the above criteria as this may cause pain. Email our website if you have questions.

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